US policy towards China countering North Korea

United Sates has been dealing with China and North Korea’s sustained relationship for nearly half a century. In 1949 both recognized each other diplomatically while China helped North Korea in the Korean War and armed against United States of America. Not only this rather both the states have been trade partners even though North Korea had been sanctioned by United Nations. During the Korean War, US was in the Thucydides trap, miscalculating China’s strength that led to the formation of 38th parallel in the peninsula. Since then China has been using the North Korean land as a buffer state to prevent from the capitalist and democratic South Korea under the influence of United States.

After the fall of Soviet Union and the dynamic growth of China, North Korea has become an important part of the global politics today. Not only this, but by the formation of missiles and atomic energy, directly threatening Washington has also alarmed the US administration. United Sates while dealing with North Korea, has always considered China as a major player to deter and push back the northern peninsula, but the recent development of arms and atomic energy has led many to think that whether China still holds the position of influencing North Korea or not; as the growing arm race seems to threaten China by itself being Pyongyang’s neighbor. Kissinger, the well-known secretary of state of US created an opinion that China ought to understand the reality that North Korean interest might always not be in China’s favor as well. If China itself starts taking north Korea as a threat towards itself then United Sates can take advantage of disarming it. With the passing time, China seems to have a weaken alliance with North Korea. During Donald Trump’s recent visit to China, he was assured that China would take every step to prevail peace. China also has started to escalate tensions with South Korea by allowing the trade again between both the states that has enraged North Korea to reassure its policies.

United Sates foreign policy has also given due attention to China against North Korea. Trump seems to enforce the staunch actions by US upon the Korean peninsula. This theoretically can be proven as a useful step to prevent US’s enemy to wage a war. On the other hand, it can also be used to compel North Korea to start a conflict that can ultimately be the cause of destruction for America itself. If China cuts off its trade with North Korea, that would lead to hunger and famine giving rise to internal riots in the region. Kim being a rational actor would try to use all force to put down the rebels which could ultimately lead to a coup. The coup again would be backed up by capitalists or communists that can lead to further distress. On the other side, China’s turning away from North Korea can also lead to make it run towards self-help and survival making direct attacks against US, Japan or South Korea that would pave a way for the World War three. Therefore, China’s stance of dealing with North Korea seems to be appropriate where it does not allow it to use unnecessary force giving air to new riots. North Korea has not only been used a buffer state instead China has always protected its interest to avoid a massive migration and refugee issue for its state. US must understand that China aims at proving its mark by improving its domestic policies and therefore any turmoil in North Korea can lead to massive migration towards China that it cannot afford.

United States foreign policy seems to be on the horns of dilemma when it tries to involve China as an actor to disarm North Korea. If China softens its side towards Pyeongyang and helps it to survive then US believes it to be a deterrence of North Korea by its involvement of an emerging power.  North Korea on the other hand, takes advantage by the support and makes US realize its past defeat in the Korean War. This makes North Korea use further offensive ways and deployment of nuclear weapons which in return deters United States of America. Presently US seems to stress China by asking it to tighten its policy towards North Korea that is unable to protect its nuclear weapons and can risk the lives of millions waging a deadly nuclear war.

China by using its policy of invest not invade has developed the ideals of economic interdependence, with both United Sates of America and Korean Peninsula. The extreme interdependence has helped China as for both US and North Korea, surviving without the market of China, seems to be impossible for a progressive growth. China also found an approach to deal with the North Korean issue by suspension of the suspension where it calls on to break deals with North Korea suspending its advancing nuclear and missile program in exchange of US letting go of its military exercises with South Korea. Unfortunately, US has denied it time and again rather clearly asked for North Korea’s “denuclearization” as a precondition for talks.

America should realize China’s relation with North Korea where dilemma of Realism proves true as both sates had loved each other for their own self-interests. Distrust has already been grown between the two states with Kim Jong-un whose aggressive polices and ballistic missile capabilities led US towards deployment of Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) in South Korea, making China insecure. The best possible solution by US can be of the use of extreme deterrence against North Korea, by changing the perspective and by the addition of mistrust between the two past allies. Therefore, US should take an advantage and allow the room for negotiations. United States can use China in countering the aggression of North Korea by limiting its military exercise and by desecuritizing South Korean issues relating China. This would eventually lead China to realize North Korean’s growing atomic energy as a threat to its survival too. The securitization of North Korean’s missile towards China would prove to be a win-win for United States of America and would eventually lead to disarmament of North Korea.