Every beauty lover has an issue that of selecting or the purchase of right beauty items. The market is flooded with so many products that it becomes difficult to choose the best one. So today, for all the speedy makeup users, I will be letting you know about the beauty products that you only need in your bag.

1: Moisturizer

You definitely need a good moisturizer for your face, hands and wherever you feel dryness. Ponds has been amazingly giving out skin friendly moisturizers that you can even get at a very cheap price from the local market.


2. BB cream

If you do not like going out with a heavy look, then all you need to get is a BB cream that can give you a light coverage with sun protection as a sunscreen. Garnier, L’Oreal, and Maybelline are available in the market very easily that would not only protect your skin but would also hydrate, conceal and would brighten it up.

3. Concealer

Most of us, have been spotted with dark circles around the eyes, therefore the right concealer is a must for a perfect day look. If you are in your teenage and are enjoying, clear skin so even then you can use it to highlight the under eye area. My favorite from the drugstore is of LA Girl and Maybelline that are very affordable with excellent coverage.

4. Blush

Who doesn’t like going around with pinky cheeks? A blush on is a must to get an adorable natural look. Luscious Cosmetics blush in shade Babydoll can be counted in as perfect for an amazing flush.

5. Highlighter

The sheer glow is all that we desire. Use the highlighter slightly above your cheekbones, and on the bridge of your nose. The balm has some very high rated highlighters while for a purse-friendly illuminator you can get from Makeup Academy, Elf, and even Makeup Revolution.


6. Brow Job

If you have thin or light eyebrows, then all you need to have is an eyebrow gel or powder. Rivaj Uk and Essence gives out some amazing range of brow products that you can choose accordingly to your color.

7. Eyeliner

Make it a wing or just a straight line, eyeliners must be used to give your eyes a shape. If you are a beginner then go for marker eyeliners that can be best found from E.L.F cosmetics, while others can go with liquid or gel eyeliners that can be enjoyed by Luscious Cosmetics in a wide range.

8. Mascara

To finally complete the look, you must have a mascara and the budget-friendly and best ones can be got by Essence Cosmetics and Femina.

9. Lip colors

You can go from lip balms to liquid matte or proper lipsticks. Medora Cosmetics bring out some very colorful, everyday shades where you can choose the best for you. For the matte lovers, Clazona beauty and Rivaj Uk has some dynamic shades with wonderful quality to offer.

10. A Pleasant Scent

Lastly, always carry a mist or a perfume that can make your presence pleasurable in people. The market is flooded with some adorable body sprays, where you can get your hands on them accordingly to your own choice.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay happy and blessed.