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Skin care routine has always been linked to free time, fatigue and lots of money. Well, by looking at the long queues of young girls outside the skin specialists, I have thought to write about skin care items that you can buy under PKR: 500

Your skin is the most important and prominent part of your beauty. Therefore, to treat and serve it the best is your responsibility. Application of solely makeup upon the face won’t give out the glam unless you would not have a clear and acne free skin. Whatever the skin color you are blessed with, it is your duty to maintain that instead of darkening or fairing it, with its proper care.  

After reading this article I hope you won’t find any excuse of not exercising skin care routine as a habit. As, I would be letting you know all the affordable products that you can buy easily from the local stores or from the best online stores.

Tree House Cleansing Makeup Wipes

Wiping off the makeup at the end of the day is the most important task to do. Cleansing Wipes helps to remove all the residue and makes your skin hydrated. Why not to clean it with organic, halal and wipes that are 100% free of alcohol? Try Tree 25 cleansing wipes that comes in a wonderful packaging only for PKR.300.


If you love purchasing from local stores than online market, then try Garnier’s micellar water. It also works as a cleanser. You can apply few drops on a cotton pad, or a wipe and get your makeup removed. It works amazingly to dissolve water so that you may not to have rub your face harshly rather a cleaning milk would treat your face the best. It comes in two different sizes and both of them costs less than PKR.500.

Conatural ‘s Activated Charcoal Detox Bar

Charcoal with its cleansing abilities has taken all over the beauty world. From masks to teeth whitening beauty gurus have been dying with its effectiveness. Conatural Pakistani brand has introduced its activated charcoal detox bar that is organic, natural and most importantly cruelty-free. It can be best used upon oily or normal skins as a face wash twice a day. You can get it only for PKR.399


This is one the most effective face wash for pimples or acne prone skins. It comes in a 100ml and works best upon the face. You can use it as a face wash in your night or morning skin care routine. Only for PKR.300 you can get this to avoid dark spots while bringing freshness to your face. The best part is that its available in every local bazar in Pakistan.

Freeman Acai Purifying Clay Mask

The facial mask provides a quick fix for dull skin. It is a blend of antioxidants including Acai, Blueberry, Cranberry, Goji, Mango, Mangosteen, Noni and Pomegranate. Acai’s Purifying masks helps to absorbs all the oil while refreshing the skin. With that it works perfect for all skin types.

Bare+Epitome’s Face Wash with Aloe Vera

This new Pakistani brand has also been treating people with the affordable and luxurious skin care items. My favorite of all has been their face wash with Aloe Vera. In a 120ml bottle you get the halal, organic and natural face wash that moisturizes your skin without clogging pores. Click here to get yours

Skin Deep’s Strawberry Margarita Lip Scrub

The invention of matte liquid lipsticks, it has been easy to avoid reapplying the lip colors but with that has started to build in lip cracks. Therefore, try using a lip exfoliator or a lip scrub. Skin Deep can provide you with it, in a 25gm bottle to moisturize your lips with a wonderful scent.

I hope the article would have been beneficial for you to decide in picking up products for your skin. Thank you for reading it.

Have a lovely week ahead!